We Are Ethio-Kesem Fashion design

Ethio-Kesem Fashion design was established on 26 August 2018, an inspirational Ethiopian fashion house fusing together a unique vision with design prowess, a devoted follower of latest fashion based on Ethiopian cotton, dedicated to culture and develop cultural tourism.

Ethio-Kesem create clothing that is more than just beautiful garment  to explore a creative and build an awe-inspiring relation ship between art and fashion.


Ethio-Kesem  design is geared towards being the most sought out after and preferred fashion platform in Ethiopia for the international market.


Ethio-Kesem Fashion design aims to;

  • Improve the quality and output of fashion design from Ethiopia
  • Are able to express Ethiopian social and cultural identities.
  • To representative of the community or is identified particular cultural values.
  • To identify the importance of Fashion in tourism.


Ethio-Kesem Fashion design logo is mirror image of quality of being infinite and endless Strength.


Ethiopian fashion designer, Selamawit mulugeta (born ) in Addis abeba, Ethiopia. She is a founder of ethio-kesem online fashion shop. Professionally working as a fashion designer and also a highway design engineer. Selamawit attend her bachelor degree from addis Abeba University in 2015.and studied clothing design at miracle fashion design institute. Her first “kesem” collections  has been selected to represent Ethiopia by African fashion reception 2018 the largest African fashion market showcasing held at UNESCO, Paris and “the observant eyes” collections  showed in Italy ,sanremo international fashion week 2019 and perform perfectly. The fabrics selamawit usually use “netela” which has beautiful bands of multicolored jacquard design on the edges, often with silver or gold metallic threads, called the tibeb. its natural fiber  She make it a point that it celebrates her sense of identity and honor Ethiopian traditional headwork and motifs with modern cut  More recently, artisans have incorporated the tibeb design and concept into larger patterns for home décor and fashion accessories.