modern Masinqo  in  Contemporary Ethiopia

modern Masinqo in Contemporary Ethiopia

The Masinqo (also written as Mesenqo or Masenqo; is a one-stringed spike fiddle classified to the group of the bowed-lute family. The diamond-shaped resonator is usually constructed of four rectangular wooden boards that are glued together. The top of the opening is covered with parchment or rawhide, but also with goat or sheep skin whereas the bottom opening is closed with a wooden clog. The wooden neck or the spike of the Masinqo passes vertically through the resonator protruding it at its lower end. The string made of horse hair is tied at the overhanging end of the spike and it is then tied on the wooden peg called Meqaña that serves to tune the instrument by means of tightening or loosening. The bridge, Birkuma, is positioned in the centre of the sound box on the stretched membrane. The string runs through a guide hole in the bridge fixed for this purpose. Thus, the bridge serves to lift the string up to avoid vibrating sounds when the instrument is played. for more stay connected with ethiopian modern Masinqo player haddis alemayehu–-afro-european-music-experiment_fr

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